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Oppression 101

by on April 29, 2014

On his spoken-word album “If Evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will survive” Jello Biafra speaks of a 30-hour week.

The context is our welfare system.

Chomsky points out that people are basically in favour of welfare, but don’t know it. Plus, people grossly overestimate how much government really spends on it.

Private profits are so massive, that we could easily share jobs, and receive the same income!

Unfortunately, the proponents of our system tend to view workers as a ‘resource’ that has to be ‘managed’.

Extra admin costs, extra benefits are a further barrier.

A “benefit” we’re rarely told about: it helps to keep that one worker in line, when he sees how his unemployed contemporaries are being punished.

Banks needs Boundaries supports regaining control of the the system, starting with money creation.

More on (un)employment at

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  1. Jeff Nguyen permalink

    Deconstructing Myths supports your position also.

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