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David Graeber

by on April 24, 2014

Although it’s already on our reading list, an extra ad for Graeber’s first 5,000 years.

…and a favorite quote, abridged & adapted (original @Graeber p. 488)

Some treat this as if it were news:
Poverty is caused by a lack of credit.
The industrious poor need access to loans from stable, respectable banks.

What about the non-industrious poor?

For me, this is exactly what’s so harmful about the morality of debt: reduce us all to eyeing the world simply for what can be turned into money – and then tell us that it’s only pillagers who deserve to pursue anything in life other than money.

The argument might perhaps make sense if one agreed that work is by definition virtuous. However, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that continuing as now, we’re likely to destroy everything!

The real question now is how to ratchet things down a bit …live more by working less!

Let’s hear it for the non-industrious poor. Who are they really hurting? Insofar as they spend time with friends and family, enjoying and caring for those they love, they’re probably improving the world more than we acknowledge. Maybe we should think of them as pioneers of a new economic order that would not share our current one’s penchant for self-destruction.

(end of mutilated quote)

Here’s the juicy bit tweeted @zuvielisation
a good word for the non-industrious poor …think of them as pioneers of a new order without our current one’s penchant for self-destruction

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