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Late Night Comedy Shows are Handing Trump 2020 Victory

by on September 13, 2019

They cannot resist the topic: Colbert half the time is either reading out his tweets, reporting 1:1 what Trump said or did, or simply showing the original footage. This is not how to mount earnest resistance!

Much rather, it is the posture of a court-sanctioned Jester who in badder days the King kept on and tolerated because he performed a sacred duty: that of a ‘lightning rod’.
Court Jesters provide the illusion that “a problem has been handled”, reassuring a pampered class they can continue living as they are used to and deflecting any energy that may lead to actual change. It is the most valuable service you could provide to Trump!
Keep in mind there are no comparable mainstream shows on “the other side”. (I used quotes because the whole point here is to show how fiendish the very idea is that there ARE in fact sides. Or that it is easy to discern which is which, and that to prop up a “side”, sometimes you must pretend to be your own opposition. Case in point: Trump’s well-crafted statement on Bolton’s departure. He had to go because he was too tough, but not too tough, and I am tough, but really he, the weakling, was tougher and I tempered him, making me the toughest.)
Seth Meyers helped make one word mainstream: “lie”. To call a lie a lie may seem like speaking truth to power. But it isn’t. Meyers’ legal team makes sure he is telling the truth about the lying, but he still misses the point: Trump doesn’t lie because he feels the lie will succeed. He lies because he will succeed. The mechanisms at work are more interesting, but you won’t find them dissected on such a show, because their makers are employing the same tactics: basic stuff like controlling crowd applause. Trump, the reality show star, cannot be fixed by one more show!
Let’s look at a third and last example: Jimmy Kimmel. He cried after mass shootings in USA, but what of the warfare against official enemies?
Step one must always be to look at one’s own failings: where did I help this mess come so far? Best example: Democrats are still addicted to the idea of ‘Russian meddling’. In this fatal image, someone else is at fault, thus preventing the painful question, the one that should be most essential: what went wrong in 2016 and how can we change to prevent it from happening again?
If you fail to examine your failings, you often also fail to admire your enemies for what they do well. In the case of Trump, this is manipulation. Framing, non-verbal cues. Schwarzenegger recently mentioned how Trump used to ask him for advice. While we prefer to point fingers and laugh (worst of all: we call him “stupid”) he remains curious and keeps on learning.
Switch off the TV (and this blog, it’s nothing, really – believe me!) look in the mirror and find positive solutions you can enjoy developing. It’s fun!   -Mike

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