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Crisis ct’d

Investment banks still aren’t separate
(not in EU, not anywhere!)
“The first step is to separate commercial and investment banks.” (Petition)

Money is still created by private banks.  
This transfers wealth, distorts markets, perpetuates debt, leads to higher taxes, undermines democracy, and leads directly to future crises, more bailouts, hidden costs, inequality and turmoil.
Support us and similar groups if you see a need for profound change.

Financial crises are not the exception, they are the rule.
As with any disease, we are free to tackle the root causes.
Otherwise, the symptoms will just keep returning.

Last updated November 2013.


Illustration by David Dees

  1. HRS adds: tax havens are still going strong (money laundering, corruption, tax abuse/fraud, transfer pricing, misinvoicing trade, etc.) despite considerable successes of worldwide NGOs such as Financial Transparency Coalition

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