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by on December 4, 2013

The FWBR (first-world banking regulators) are taking their little dog for a walk around the block, when they meet GWCW (ghost of the world’s concentrated wealth).
“Nice lapdog,” says the ghost.
Thanks, says the dog.

(End of joke)

We in no way want to poke fun at the many people (including ourselves) working to instate a new set of rules by which necessity and genius can unfold in a freer, simpler, and more beautiful market environment. But the fact remains that despite the dramatic crisis, new proposed regulation is a joke. See Crisis ct’d.

While putting together texts soon to appear on our main site, I found that many of the most poignant descriptions of our system stem from satirists.

Small wonder:
In describing a crazy system….
the sanest possible view
…must sound crazy too!

This shouldn’t be in the least bit surprising. Our system is not god-given, but something that evolved over time. If we are to survive, illegitimate power will be eroded like the crazy mutations nature tried but which didn’t stick.

It’s also perfectly natural that the first thing those with power do when the people rise up is find a way to preserve that power. Thus, every generation must “identify systems of authority, and demand they legitimise themselves.” (NC, from memory)

Or if you’d rather have that in joke-form, google this:
come and see the violence inherent in the system quote

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