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Generic news on the economy :-)

by on May 25, 2015

Click on the link and get ready to giggle!

It’s very poignant, because it also includes the subtle lies we still encounter every day:

Bees are a bad metaphor for money. Bees (insofar as they have not yet been eradicated by modern agriculture) are self-organizing. Money, on the other hand, is NOT self-organizing. It follows paths very carefully crafted and maintained by people.

Furthermore, printing and minting money is NOT money creation. The fact that countries get to put their name on those things is merely to indicate who foots the bill whenever things go pear-shaped. According to a document you can find here, British TV did try to show the process of money being ‘made’ (i.e. created). If anyone saw this, please post a link here in the comments section. It would make for a refreshing change – THANKS!

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  1. p.s. the people who keep nicking our money very much want us to THINK it’s just self-organizing and passes into their hands by some law of nature…

  2. Great satire. I love it.

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