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Save the 1%!

by on December 27, 2014

The wealth gap between rich and poor is widening. However, so is the gap between the elite and the super-elite. That’s right folks – they’re getting screwed too! More than half the wealth in the top 1% is going to the top 0.1%.°

Save the top one percent!

Of course, one must continue to pay attention to the 99%. They need support by organizations for human rights, worker rights and involvement, tax justice, freedom of the press, charitable organizations.°° However, helping them is a drawn-out, hard struggle. One not only fights for the cause, but also for money to support it. In a way, you’re an activist and a salesman. Not easy.

Saving the top 1% has no such drawbacks. One must simply start by making sure they know how they’re getting screwed (they rarely do), and then aid them in fixing the mechanisms. Because it’s all part of the same system, the 99% will benefit. Many of the same tools are being used to rob both groups:

* Value-added tax (it’s regressive!)

* Bailouts (too-big-to-fail and straight bailouts “to save jobs”)

* Dumb-down media (can you believe that some of the top 1% I met over the holidays didn’t even know about TTIP?)

(Neither did hardly any of them know the German “aid” money to Greece was just new debt, to repay wealthy banks/hedge funds. It ping-ponged right back to Germany and France, mostly the super-elite, and whoever’s selling two submarines to the Greek army.)

* Tax-avoidance tricks. Ranging from tax havens to simple over-use of business-expense accounts: Business-class flights, or going out for meals that are more about eating than meeting.

* Totalitarian corporations. Today’s technology would be perfect for integrating workers better in decision-making, not to mention profits! Instead, we have global tyranny.

* A propos technology: more often than not, it was developed at public expense (universities), and then handed over to private power for profit (patents). Sometimes, the patents on new developments are even bought up for the sole purpose of preventing progress.

* So-called “free trade”, which isn’t free trade. Just because money is crossing borders, doesn’t mean it’s trade. And what’s “free” about it, is primarily the freedom of lobbyists and lawyers to influence legislation behind the scenes on behalf of their paymasters.

* So-called “globalization”, which really is just one specific kind of global integration. Geared to suit the neoliberal agenda. When Marx addressed “workers of the world”, he was advocating a different (bad?) kind of globalization.

* The very system by which money is created and how it is destroyed, see

* Financialization of the economy. Most of the money used to be in the real economy, now it’s zooming around the globe to turn money into more money, and to kill unloved social policies by capital flight (veto of the Virtual Senate). The average time a stock was held used to be months, now it’s seconds. High-frequency trading and other nifty programs also means brain-drain: these people could be working on green technologies, cancer, you name it…

* The public relations industry geared towards the “manufacturing of consent” (Lippmann) for the top 0.1%’s short-term needs. (The long-term ones, such as air for their grandkids, are excluded!)

* Privatization, public-private “partnerships”, death of the commons, rise of gated communities.

All of these points involve/reinforce an upwards redistribution, the legitimacy of which must be challenged by those losers in the top 1%. HELP THEM HELP THEMSELVES 😉


Some mechanisms that rob only the bottom 99% – need to be challenged, too:

* Scientific methods of strike-breaking – mobilizing the community against unions.

* The lottery. It’s a tax on mathematical incompetence and desperation – more widespread at the bottom.

* Fees, e.g. for public transport (anyway just to clear roads for limos and SUVs). All fees are a regressive tax!


° Numbers taken from The Trillion Dollar Meltdown, one of the first books about the crisis, page 140. In this section of the book, Charles R. Morris goes on to debunk arguments used by conservative lobbies to deny that the wealth gap is widening. Mainly US-based, and using numbers from 1980 to 2005. My feeling is that if you’d include other countries and numbers until today, we’d see it’s getting worse rather than better. This has to do with the lackeys of the top 0.1% working to rig the system in their paymasters’ favour (often even against their own…they just hope to one day be part of it) – they’re also rigging the system by which the system can be altered. Basically continuing what the founding fathers did, setting up “checks and balances”.

°° But: “Donating money and then deducting it from taxes is just a way of bypassing the government and assuming its role for yourself.”



  1. Nice to hear from you again. Great post, by the way.

  2. Nada permalink

    The top of the pyramid is a pyramid too.

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