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Beppe Grillo

by on January 29, 2014

I’m posting this in the jokes category, because it’s part of a comedy show:
accurate 10-Minute analysis of currency reality by the man whose 5star party won a sensational one quarter of Italian votes in 2013, making it the third largest. (Click here to watch.)


Remember, there’s a longstanding tradition of comedians telling the truth, starting with the court jester in monarchies. It’s a system of control, really. That’s why it’s so important to draw the line when someone like Grillo crosses it.

Here, in German, is the latest version of my analysis of a “serious” news show on Swiss state (!)  TV making sure people don’t get too interested.

And here, in Italian, with optional German subtitles, is a serious sit-down interview with Grillo from Swedish TV. You can probably use the auto-translate function to get a wiff of what he’s talking about…
…or just scan the blog-o-sphere for a flavour of how politics could look if we had a better link between public sentiment and actual policy.

Let’s share this video lavishly, and make sure it’s pushed past the 100,000 mark, where it belongs.
A propos hits, this series by German satirist Volker Pispers will soon pass 2m, and not a moment too soon: It takes the more important 9/11 – 1973 – as starting point for a History of the U.S.A. and terrorism (with excellent English subtitles), which even if it wouldn’t have great moments of healing laughter, would still be one of the most lucid and valuable contributions I’ve ever heard towards solving problems we haven’t even begun to solve. Just the section on anthrax and patents will blow your mind!

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