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How I learned to stop bickering and love the banks

by on November 13, 2013

Let’s set the record straight: we don’t hate banks.
Banks (corporations) must serve their owners – it’s the law!*
But even that is fine by us!

Don’t hate the player – hate the GAME – remember?
Well…we don’t even hate the game.**

The thing to FIX is merely this: fair rules by which to play.
A clearly defined, LEVEL playing field for all to enter freely.

Clearly defined playing field…defined field…by boundaries…
…”Banks need Boundaries!” – Get it?


* Were a bank suddenly to act against its interest by wasting resources on the common good (what they pretend to do when they sponsor art, sports, etc.), THAT would be a reason…

** In fact, we try not to hate anything…”hate” is too strong a word. And hating gives the object energy!

“Banks need Boundaries!” in no way endorses prejudice or violence against bankers or other minorities. Often enough, bankers are merely agents of a system they don’t understand, trying to get by like everyone else. Undoubtedly, some do abuse their power, but harming them in return fails to fix the root cause of financial crises, which is the monetary system itself, and can be changed.  – from:

The title of this post is of course an homage to Stanley Kubrick

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  1. In fact, may seem like a funny thing to say after all this blogging, but I AM NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN BANKS. Couldn’t care less about what they do, as long as they leave me alone. If someone wants to spend his day tinkering with tidbits, fiddling numbers…GODSPEED TO HIM! He (usually it’s a ‘he’) shouldn’t be allowed to wreck the real economy in the process. What does, however, interest me moderately is the fact that our control-system of education and propaganda omits almost every single item contained in this blog. Something that agitates me sometimes, is that – of the ‘alternative’ outlets that abstain from technobabble and try to speak Plain English – many drift waaaaayyy of course and you’ll find yourself sifting through a whole lot of bunk, before you find the uncontroversial truth of money creation, along with information on how to fix it, with links to people and organisations who are doing just that.
    On that note: have you seen this yet?

  2. “Hydroponics…now that’s an interesting topic. Talk to you all you like about hydroponics…growing plants artificially in water. Need to know all about that if we want to go to Mars and places…” What was this about again? Banking?? “Well, don’t get bitten is all I can say.”

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