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TTIP ridicule

by on May 19, 2014

Our petition‘s final words: “institutions that are not democratically legitimized should be rejected.”

Today, negotiators return to discussing the terms of TTIP, the planned free-trade agreement between US and EU.


The country I live in, Switzerland, recently made such a deal with China. What this means is that Swiss industry gets to play footsie under the table with its Chinese counterparts, while everyone else must put their cards on the table.


Regularly, such agreements harm the people of both countries involved, and don’t even help ‘trade’ (but make it easier to shift stuff around between different branches of the same corporation).


Personally, I’d have liked to see some free trade when China was ready to export cheap solar cells in the wake of Fukushima. No chance – extra import tax, presumably thanks to effective lobby work we’ll never know about.


Instead, here’s some healing humour – click here to enjoy the video!


Sigmar Gabriel’s pompous reaction to the anti-TTIP petition is typical for anyone representing industry. As with MAI, if this thing is successfully smashed, it won’t be thanks to guys like him, but you and me! Thanks for sharing this lavishly on both sides of the Atlantic.


To be sure: Things aren’t perfect in Germany either. However, most of the scandals (poison in eggs, EHEC germs, undeclared horse meat in beef products) were illegal. TTIP and similar efforts usually want to fix the laws to make the shortcuts legal.

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