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Maximum wage

by on March 18, 2014
pic by o5

pic by o5
(Click for our report on the successful direct-democratic initiative against fat-cat wages in Switzerland.)

Lots of talk about a minimum wage – how about a maximum wage?

I conducted a quick non-representative study by googling:
“minimum wage” – 8,330,000 hits
“maximum wage” – only 219,000 hits

What’s wrong with this picture? Isn’t it telling? Plenty of talk on how little we can get away with paying those who do the work, but no one even questions “the sky is the limit”!

Maximum wage needn’t be about communism or taking stuff away from people who earned it, deserved it, whatever. Ideally, we’d set up a system whereby in wouldn’t be necessary to even enforce maximum wage. Imagine we could vote on who’s our boss, and how much money he makes! Democracy isn’t democratic unless you have democracy in every part of society. That used to be obvious. Just as it was obvious to factory girls in the 19th century that “selling oneself for wages is just another form of slavery” and “Those who work in the mills ought to own them.”

Next step: maximum income (not the same as wage, see workless income), and why not maximum net worth too?

This is all about agreeing democratically on a framework in which market economy can develop healthily. One doesn’t hear this repeated often enough: there’s no real need for starvation in this world. Nor must private banks be the gatekeepers of our money supply. See, for one of many, many alternative examples: ccc draft 2.3 – thanks!


If you’d rather get related ideas from someone who shows his face and has a Professor title:


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