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by on March 12, 2014

If you have a name ending in -ov, your “media appearances” suddenly become “propaganda”. I wish more journalists would exercise the same scepticism when Obama, Merkel and the other crooks open their mouths. Oh, well
For now, here’s a nice short b.s.-free overview of Ukraine/Crimea:

Jello Biafra’s thoughtful spoken-word art has for many years been one of my favourite American sources. So naturally, upon hearing the name “Feinstein” in the news, I had to do a spot of creative googling:

And a discreet reminder – out of sight isn’t out of mind:
treehugger: tar sands and oil shale impact explained gold mining
Fukushima 1 three years after
Fukushima 2 Hiroshima Fukushima Vietnam
To end on a high note: fuel from used plastic!

How banks create and destroy money, rule over our cash – and more unmissable, short pointers!
Something to frame, hang up, and/or take down to the tattoo shop 😉
Serious solutions, described in simple terms.

Thanks from Sunny Switzerland to all our readers, come back soon – PEACE!

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