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Crouching money, hidden wealth

by on March 10, 2014

Picked these up at PROJECT CENSORED – now listed at Beyond Money Creation:

Ending world poverty would cost $3 trillion.
Hidden funds could pay for that many times over!

TJN report
(With a cool Alien quote right on the cover!)

Note that two terms are not always identical: ‘wealth’ and ‘dollars’.
The latter is one measurement of the former, which is rarely kept as ‘money’.

Keeping wealth as money means losing out, e.g. through inflation. Therefore, the hidden stash is ever-present in the world economy, as investments. That means it’s seeking out ways to grow. The trillions are never hidden, only their ownership!

Please think about that the next time you hear people rebelling against government control. Sometimes it is by and for the people. The new OECD criteria* could be such a case. Thanks.

* This February, OECD delivered a new single global standard on automatic exchange of financial information. GFI is enthusiastic about this, TJN finds it useful, but sees “loopholes that can easily be, and must be, closed”, and a further NGO laments that the new plan neglects developing countries (more info at Tax Dodge Digest)

p.s. regarding 1.) to avoid confusion:
This is not about giving money to the poor.
The solution is to stop stealing it from them.


wealth = value (may include things that cannot be measured, such as a sunset)
dollars = a currency
money = something (coins, notes and numbers) used to buy goods, services and investments
money also equals debt (if you didn’t already know this, please see our site)
investments = “the outlay of money usually for income or profit” (Webster’s)
some numbers are arbitrarily defined as money, e.g. interest liabilities
tax haven = somewhere we can (pretend to) be, continue business as usual, while benefiting from cheap or zero taxes, and from the lack of double-taxation agreements, information exchange, and other tools of transparency
transparency = still hard to see through if one’s eyes are shut



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