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UK not OK

by on March 3, 2014

uk - 1Scotland this year will decide against independence.*

According to Positive Money, there’s a “redistribution of wealth from the rest of the UK to the City of London”** – because of domination by the financial sector, specifically how banks create money.

The City of London is a city within London, England, also known as “the square mile”. Illegitimate tax arrangements are its main raison d’être.***

The real problem is that we live under de-facto totalitarian rule (see Virtual Senate) with very little democracy. If Scotland indeed voted for independence this year, that in itself would hardly affect illegitimate private power. The banks could easily continue business as usual within that altered setting. Mortgage would still be a kind of tax that benefits tiny minorities all over the world. Things would look different if banks could only lend on money that already existed – but it’s very unlikely we’d have a vote on that in the near future (at least not without a further dramatic escalation of the crisis).

Instead, Prince Philip jokes “Don’t do it again!That’s a tacit agreement to the general manner in which the system works. Under these conditions, regulators will never grow a spine. The general population must understand how we are getting screwed. And the upper class must see how it is contributing. All of this will hardly change as long as the propaganda system continues its century-long triumph.

It’s in our heads.
A personal anecdote. Recently, I was in the company of a Scots workman, and two highly educated Brits. Failure number one: We all agreed that the Scottish independence movement was just keen to keep its own oil, but we failed to justify why England should benefit from Scotland’s wealth. We didn’t even acknowledge that there’d have to be a reason! In fact, we just recited the company line “Those Scots would starve if it weren’t for England!” without giving a shred of evidence. (It’s true only within the current framework). It takes a really good education to be that stupid!

Failure number two: After our workman friend lamented that a recent union struggle had gone well until a veto from the London head office shut it down, we all just sat there like idiots, failing to even see (let alone point out) the glaringly obvious connection: if the Scots branch of his union had been independent, he’d now have better pay! The problem isn’t lack of independence – it’s lack of independent thought.

There’s no reason why Scotland – independent or not – should not be the wealthiest part of Great Britain. It’s an attractive tourist destination, rich in local culture and charm. The Loch Ness Monster, plenty of oil, and now they’re learning to harness wave power and marine current°. England is a nice place, too, but the main distinction in this respect is that it’s descended from a cruel global empire, continues to shine America’s shoes, and unlike Scotland harbours the nerve centre of financial WMDs. No resources worth mentioning.

My friends and I were guilty of Orwellian double-think: apply rigorous standards to those who challenge the authority of Our Group, while waving through completely unjustified claims against Others based on zero evidence.

* The Economist “The World in 2014”

** Fixing our broken economy, page 4

*** The monarch may stop for a special ceremony before entering the City. This has nothing to do with subservience, although the Queen is remarkably lax in following up on her question why no one saw the crisis coming. Is this the frame-of-mind that also makes the Crown Dependencies “still fall woefully short of acceptable standards of transparency“?!

° While Marine Current Turbines operates in Scotland, it is based in England, and owned by Siemens. However, this needn’t be a problem for locals, say, with ‘profit apportionment’, see – pay attention!


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