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IP or not 2b

by on February 21, 2014

Intellectual property (IP) is a cornerstone of private power concentration. We need to dump it. Question is how? You can’t get them in court, unless you want to study law, live a hundred years, and be better than the best (which the They* can afford).

No: you beat them with their own weapons.

Here’s how: first we pool our resources, e.g. by crowd funding, to build a big old time machine. We agree in advance that we’re only going to use it for the purpose I’m about to describe, and that we’re going to scrap it immediately afterwards. People are going to say: “Well if you have a time machine, you gotta travel to the year 1923 and buy some of Hitler’s paintings, which would keep him happy and occupied, thus saving millions of lives.” The appropriate response: “Good idea, and what are we going to do about (in no particular order) Rwanda, East Timor, NKOTB, and most of America’s foreign policy?” Not to mention the ongoing holocaust of one child starving every five seconds while we throw away millions of tons of food annually. Black Death, prevent Nafta, do in-vitro with Jesus and Marilyn… You see: it’s hard to draw the line – so we leave history intact but for this one act:

We go back and in time, and secure two patents – fire, and the wheel.

It’ll take a little explaining by caveman-quick lawyers, maybe one or two in fur-bikinis. But they’ll get the idea across – the cultures are close enough.

Back in the present, we first have to explain to rational people why we believe IP is bunk. (It’s wrong to exercise power without justifying its legitimacy.) We put out a press release refuting in detail the lie that patents finance research for mankind’s best interest. Thirty-second preview: If there ever was an external driving force to human genius, then it’s our keenness to be praised, built from potty training on. (Click here to read more.) Plus, if you ever had an idea, you’ll know that it comes from within. QED.

Before some smart-alec comes along to mention all those musicians, sculptors and writers who’ll starve without royalty checks, we add to our legitimisation the extent of subsidies in art (inkl. pre-tax spending), and that the music industry has shifted from CDs to session-musicians and live shows. Three-word-solution: Basic Income Guarantee (preferably by ccc). Instead of turn them into slaves for the industry, let them enjoy any breaks they may get in the same state as the one in which their genius flourished: outside the current power system. This’ll also help curb the form of human trafficking most aptly described as “selling audiences to advertisers” (click here for SNL satire).

Once we explained our feelings, we lead by example. Like the chap who refused to patent his polio vaccine, we waive all royalties on fire and the wheel – provided the users aren’t claiming royalties of their own. If they want to keep cashing in on Velcro, TipEx, and bras, after the plants and teenage inventors are long gone – it’ll cost ’em!

While we’re at it: Fire and the wheel means double danger for petrol-powered vehicles. On that topic: Did you know that the main thing helping “siphon off assets from useful businesses” (petition) is the implied insurance policy “too big to fail”? That’s gone once we fix money creation. There can still be gambling, but many of the tech-savvy kids now drafted by derivatives would be free to develop the technology needed for clean fuel, fixing pollution, and making so-called “slums” more habitable. Think about it!

That leaves us with one last question: What to do with all the redundant lawyers? We’ll skip the cruel joke this time. After all, we really need these guys! Millions of tons of superfluous law books and journals need to be processed. (Possibly burnt in low-emission plants, or insulating Earthships, or [insert your own ideas here] _________ ! )  The exercise will bring savings in heart-bypass surgery – enough to cover their fees. Heck, I’ll join in. All things considered, blogging is just another form of propaganda. And that’s manipulative (no matter how fun you make it), and a strain on the heart. Mike out.

* “The They” is a phrase coined by George W. Bush. He personally informed me by passenger pigeon it was ok to use it for this article, provided I come up with a one-step fix for the Middle East by next week, and solve the paradox of philanthropy (see second quote here) by August. PEACE!


This is posted “uncategorized” because I didn’t know whether it’s more a “Side issue” or a “Joke”. You be the judge. One could say “Side issue” because it has nothing to do with what my buddies at Banks need Boundaries! were saying before I decided to start blogging on their behalf. On the other hand, you could say “Joke”, because all the ideas expressed here are of course totally nuts. Except for the time machine. That’s real. I saw a film about it. Documentary. Based on a report sent through time, and published in the name of H.G. Wells. “The Time Machine”, about how mankind will develop if we continue to evolve while taking this class system to its logical conclusion: two different species. One able to work the machinery, tough and agile, and one group standing around in fields, waiting to get eaten, scared as hell by a mere siren peep.


Spinning in the dustspirit of the wheel
Long before your birth
Eating tar and gasoline
Every light I see is green
– excerpt from
Wheels of fire
by Joey DeMaio (Manowar)
copyright Warner/Chapell Music, Inc.



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