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Be a star!

by on February 13, 2014

Old-school blockbuster-stars such as Tom Cruise can negotiate “first money out”-deals. This means they take a share of box office before any expenses are subtracted.

I’m no economist, but have been studying non-verbal communication (nvc) since 1994, and one generalisation I can make with confidence: your average union leader is no Tom Cruise!

We therefore might want to give them a boost by pointing this out to them. Note this is less about good looks than it is about alpha-male behaviour, which can be acquired.

…and could add to our draft for ccc:
“Those doing the basic work in any corporation have the right to choose between payment in cash, bank-money, or ccc – pre-tax!”

[Uncategorized post, just putting ideas out here. Have a nice workday!]


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