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Factory Girls

by on February 7, 2014

The Lowell Mill Girls were women who came to work for the textile corporations in Lowell, Massachusetts (USA). By 1840, at the height of the Industrial Revolution, the textile mills had recruited over 8,000 women, who came to make up nearly seventy-five percent of the mill workforce. (Source:

Worker rights, feminism – matters-of-course! The labor press was half the US media in those days. Fancy turning on the tube, and next to CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC etc. half the program is Joe Normal types like you and me!

“We live in an age where anyone can theoretically be an investigative Journalist.” (Eva Herman)

“The term ‘investigative journalism’ should be a redundancy; yet to some it’s a contradiction-in-terms!” (Muggins)

“It’s good to have studied science, because you learn what ‘proof’ is.” (Chomsky, quoted from memory)

It’s a great pity that armies of online activists busy themselves in what amounts to a form of mysticism. These unwitting pawns of illegitimate power waste perfectly good creativity, networking skills and lifeblood on rubbish with zero connection to their own lives and the real world.

We can all learn from the Factory Girls! Despite their limited means, they were able to organise and get their point across: selling oneself for wages is just another form of slavery, and workers should benefit equitably from their work. 2 + 2 = 4!

“When you sell your product, you retain your person. But when you sell your labour, you sell yourself, losing the rights of free men and becoming vassals of mammoth establishments of a monied aristocracy that threatens annihilation to anyone who questions their right to enslave and oppress.
Those who work in the mills ought to own them, not have the status of machines ruled by private despots who are entrenching monarchic principles on democratic soil as they drive downwards freedom and rights, civilization, health, morals and intellectuality in the new commercial feudalism.”

lmg“Those who work in the mills ought to own them.”

This post in German @himmelstor (click here).


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One Comment
  1. “Propaganda and control of the public mind”
    Chomsky talking

    factory girls
    very lively extensive press
    scale of the commercial press in those days
    very eloquent well written
    no marx at this point

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