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200 lawyers (joke)

by on January 13, 2014

What are 200 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?

A good start!


This joke is somewhat unfair to all the lawyers doing good around the world, in near obscurity, working for human rights, debt forgiveness, tax justice, and keeping water privatization at bay…

However, as with most good jokes, there’s a certain truth to it. Most lawyers are paid with pre-tax dollars. Entire working lives are dedicated to expanding illegitimate private power in the courts. The game is rigged.

Banks need Boundaries! suggests as “a good start”: fix money creation!

Personally, I feel information is key, too. Information to be shared in nifty ways, to be set by the people. No illusions about that happening within a decade of Prism.
In that department, I’d settle for everyone sharing the definition of externality for now. That would pave the way to constructive ideas on how corporate lawyers could spend their time, once they become redundant due to the system’s adjusting: many of them are enthusiastic divers, I’m sure. Let them clean up all that junk in the sea their former employers share responsibility for!

Then it’d no longer be a joke. Just 200 lawyers in the sea, with their scuba gear, clearing the plastic island!

plastic island

plastic island

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