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Freedom fried

by on January 1, 2014

In 2012, France elected a president, François Hollande, who wanted to hire more teachers, lower or kill value-added tax, and tax the rich to pay for it all. The majority of the French people supported this, but it was never heard of again. Instead, France went to war in Mali, and Hollande was recently voted most unpopular president ever.

His 75%-tax on the wealthy died tragically after a muddle over ‘people’ and ‘households’.* If you like a good laugh, see the video at DasLiebeGeld posted on January 14th 2012. The page is German, but the video’s in English. Because it’s a group (and not a personal profile), you should be able to see it without being a logged-in facebook user.
Or try this direct link:

Please note, that while the mispronunciation of the world ‘household’ is very amusing, Banks need Boundaries! in no way endorses prejudice or violence against bankers or other minorities. The rich are a minority, too.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

* But French inheritance tax in Switzerland succeeded!


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