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Public or private

by on December 22, 2013

Is our money supply created by private banks?
…or is the state in control?

Is the Fed public or private?

According to the Fed’s website (FAQ), it isn’t “owned” by anyone.
Others disagree.*

However, these are questions of lesser importance. 
No one disputes that private banks create our money.

Furthermore, money today is by its very nature a tool for comingling public and private. Money should be a public good. It supposedly “arose in private trading transactions, to overcome the double coincidence of wants problem of barter”, but that’s a huge lie, see How deep is the rabbit hole?

Whenever we bring money to the bank, it becomes an investment. The (measly) interest rate is our ROI, return-on-investment.

Even if you keep your money stashed under the mattress: someone is paying interest on that very money as we speak! I wonder how that person feels about whether that money is public or private. Even you yourself are paying rent on it! (linked article mentions euros, but applies equally to dollars.)

And at the very latest when our (public) pension fund invests money in the economy (private), the line gets blurred.

One of several solutions to this: Sovereign Money, also known as Plain Money. This goes a lot further than than separating “commercial and investment banks”, as we request in our own petition …

…that’s a trap we fell into. It would be more precise to say: 

The first step is to separate money from investments.

However, that won’t  be discussed until the next huge crisis, and even then change will be resisted, due to to another, very clear, line of demarcation:

“Almost anything that really matters has to be out of the public arena.”

And he who controls the frame, controls the debate! Thus, two different words are used, depending on whether the public must accept something or fear it:
– if it’s good, say “people”
– if it’s bad, say “the state” or “the government”
This totally obfuscates the fact that the state 
is the people.
See your local Constitution for details. 

Only one possible conclusion to all this: we are at war. Class warfare. This isn’t said very often, because deception is the basis of all good warfare (Sun Tzu), and the ideal moment to attack is when the victims are not even aware of it. Hence: “They only call it class warfare when we fight back.”


* To me, the system should be have the public interest at heart, but it caters primarily to private interests.

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