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Popular resistance

by on December 19, 2013

Preliminary note: this has nothing to do with the Banks need Boundaries! petition.

We’re posting it here because it proves that there are people in the first world who have a conscience and a spine.

Sadly, but typical for first-world activism and philantropy, they’re totally getting the cart before the horse. Good for Glencore! To maintain an illegitimate tyranny within a framework of relative freedom, it’s vital to make sure the privileged are kept busy or at least mislead. Thus, sentiments such as these can safely peter out while the system as such is preserved intact.

To really fix the Glencores, Exxons, etc., there’s an easy way: Start with money creation! Basically what this whole blog is about, and our main site. But let’s just ignore that for five minutes, and just enjoy the article.

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