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Tax Justice vs. The Queen

by on November 9, 2013

Pleased to see this open letter to the Queen, although the contents is somewhat sobering:

We already touched on Tax Havens here:

Lived on Guernsey myself. For a girl, not tax dodging, although there’s a story there too (other time, folks!) Point is it’s a charming place with a marvelous climate, cheap alcohol, teen pregnancies.  Flat tax is hardly prevalent in everyday life, and when the Queen comes to visit, people line the roads like anywhere else.

Flat tax, trust funds, and the lack of taxation treaties means one thing: Joe Normal loses out.*

“Banks need boundaries!” supports tax justice, and we mention offshore shenanigans in our petition. Please help promote awareness of
a) how our money is created, and
b) the sundry ways in which it is being illegitimately siphoned off, inter alia by the lady in the big old helicopter!

*Well, to me it meant two things: I lost out, AND I paid taxes on the same income in two places. But that’s just me.

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