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What am i bid for Merkel?

by on October 17, 2013

The tour guide points to an old building “and here work some of our best actors.”
“But that’s Parliament,” asks a savvy tourist.
“Exactly,” replies the guide.


pic: lists CDU campaign contributions from the Quandt family…
…who own most of BMW…
…which makes gas-guzzling vehicles…
that don’t gel well with the repeatedly stifled emission laws.

Politicians like Merkel are not in the business of leading the country according to the people’s best interest. Her working day is all about MISleading the people against their interest. …by acting like she’s doing the former.

(But she isn’t fooling anybody. My explanation for her re-election: Germans simply made an informed decision as to what side they’d rather be on  😦

Thankfully, some creative activists remain undaunted. Today, Merkel’s effigy and that of Environment Minister Altmaier will be up for grabs to the highest bidder, and ready to wear…in shopping carts!  :-)))

When more of us start acting, in whichever way we see fit, and according to our individual inclination and inspiration…the key is to shun passivity…a better world!

Remember: if sycophants like Merkel do nothing but suck up to power, what happens when we, US, the biggest power, actually start wielding it? Exactly.
They can be spineless, sleazy demagogues all day long, and no one gets hurt.

And guess what…we can even keep building cars!


This post on bnb blog (the blog for was filed as a “side issue” because it is not directly linked to any of the items on our petition. It is, however, indirectly linked to it in spirit:
“institutions that are not democratically legitimized should be rejected.” 


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