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Enter the Ostrich

by on September 28, 2013

 A banker, a politician and a five-year old are stranded on a desert island.
The banker creates Desert Island Dollars.
The politician borrows some to get the economy going.
The five-year-old goes to find some coconuts.


Now that I have your attention…Hello!

Thanks for reading this blog. It’s part of an initiative “Banks need Boundaries!” to reform our sociopolitical environment, specifically “money creation”.

Thanks also to the sixty people who have signed our petition (see link).

One of the most clicked-on categories in this blog is “jokes”.

Monetary reform, important as it is, lacks sex appeal – maybe due to an abundance of terms like “sociopolitical environment”…booooring!!

What we need is better jokes, and maybe a cute mascot.

How about an Ostrich? (Every time someone says “money creation”, or “debt-based money system”, it sticks its head in the sand?)

Or a mole? You can’t see what it’s doing, but brown dirt keeps piling up.

Please nothing un-flattering like parasites.
Money is an achievement, can do good.
Suggestions please!

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One Comment
  1. Reinhold suggested a magic fable-type creature that can cast a spell and make things appear out of thin air.

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