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German elections

by on September 22, 2013

Chancellor Merkel’s Party CDU is the big winner of today’s elections for the German National Assembly (Bundestag).

Better that way. Better than the problem we know so well from two-party systems where party A fouls up, party B is elected, then does basically the same thing, and party A returns. The Germans have a proverb: “When two are fighting, the third one wins.”

Merkel’s CDU is a calamity. Oskar Lafontaine (Left) summed it up matter-of-factly: “She’s the courtesan of Europe’s wealthy.” Courtesan is another word for prostitute. 

Two positive notes.
1.) A large number of non-voters began organising themselves and explaining their reasons for abstaining. One reason is that our modern technology could be used to find out what people want and make politicians do it. See all the pre-election polls. Nifty high-tech!

2.) A growing community of people see one of the root causes to many problems: MONEY CREATION. Notably, which favours a new type of money: ‘Vollgeld’ (English: Sovereign Money or Plain Money, Positive Money).

It’s basically what we favour, too. Anything that wrests the monopoly on money creation from the hands of private banks.

Klaus Karwat of took the time to compile all available views of the current German Bundestag on this idea.

3 categories of concerns

1.) “Will small businesses still be able to obtain funding?” – “YES!”
Sovereign Money does not touch the free market for lending out existing money. (Incidentally, isn’t it fascinating how important SMEs suddenly become, when defending Big Business?)

2.) Fear of hyperinflation. Justified concern. Hence: MONETATIVE. The money supply (amount of money in circulation) must be set by a separate body. English: ‘monetary’, like the ‘judiciary’, which is kept strictly separate from the executive and legislative branches of government. 

3.) Money creation is best left in private hands. That would be fine if the system was working well, and our democracy would indeed achieve its stated objective of enacting the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Is it? Does it? (Read Positive Money’s article on Democracy.)

Various other concerns:
– “MONETATIVE means planned economy!” see item 1.) above: the free market is left fully intact. Apart from money creation, which is subordinated to the public interest (unlike today).
– “Debt forgiveness is the answer”,
– and “redistribution through taxes”, both of which fix symptoms but ignore money creation.

Further reading on how the free market could unfold once money becomes Positive.


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