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Consultant Joke

by on April 20, 2013

A consultant comes up to a field of sheep and asks the herder: „If I can tell you how many sheep you have, will you give me one?“

The herder agrees.

The consultant gets out his google earth, scans the field, does some excel calculations, then powerpoint-presents: „3052!“

The herder: „Correct! Choose a sheep.“

The consultant makes his choice.

Then, the herder asks: „Now, if I tell you what your profession is, will you give it back?“

The consultant, agrees.

The herder: „OK. You’re a consultant.“

The consultant is baffled: „How did you know?“

The herder, calmly: „Well, first of all, you appeared without my asking, second, you wanted a sheep just for telling me what I already know, and thirdly give me my dog back.“

consultant joke


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