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Tax havens

by on April 7, 2013
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virtualtourist dot com

Remember the scene in the movie Casino where a mafia cohort walks right into the money-counting room with an empty suitcase, then fills it, walks out, and gets on a plane?

That’s what tax havens are. The difference: with tax havens, much of it is legal. Illegitimate, yes; but not illegal.

If the economy is an organism like a human body, and private money creation is a tapeworm feeding off of nutrients the body could use for itself, tax havens are leeches covering all our skin.

When you shop at Starbucks, the branch kicks back licensing fees to the mother corporation, the branch makes less profit, so Starbucks pays less tax. This is just one example of ‘offshore’ shenanigans.

We can change this in our lifetimes. On the one hand by boycotting these gangsters, and on the other hand by petitioning our governments to get moving on laws that fix the sickness at the source!

Further reading: Corporabies.


This is a post for Banks-need-Boundaries!
Sign our petition at – it tackles tax havens, too.

  1. ps and when thats done you immediately gotta start sueing the living gr!t out of em, especially if you want to make money safe, eg with Plain Money…otherwise tapeworm gravy train for aeons

  2. Jeff Nguyen permalink

    You might find this report from the ICIJ interesting, they uncovered millions of files of secret offshore accounts from citizens of more than 170 countries. They hit the mother lode:

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