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What is ccc, community-created currency?

by on March 23, 2013

pic from Virtual Exhibitions in Informatics (see link)

Every person and business starts at zero and receives an appropriate overdraft allowance, which could be set by the tax office. This money is then recorded electronically in the individual accounts, similar to the ancient tally stick.

See Banks need Boundaries! —> ccc

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  1. Question: What’s to prevent corporations from creating excessive money, as banks are today?

    As with any real, good, and true change for the better, I feel that very little would change at first:
    – People would still do most of their shopping from large corporations,
    – and the zeitgeist would still be “consumption over participation”…

    …however, you’d eliminate interest, right?
    …and probably simplify the tax system?

    …so you’d end the game of “hire best accountant, pay less tax, crush all in path.”
    …which, in turn, could lead to more SME, and less “man vs. corporation.”
    (SME = small and medium-sized business enterprises)

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