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Feel the flow

by on March 8, 2013

no flowWhat does money have in common with water? They both have the power to sustain life…
…and get stale and rotten in a big stagnant pool.

One reason why corporations can shop with pre-tax dollars is to keep things flowing.* 

It’s also why we have tax rebates for families, etc. Taking less from them is the same as handing out money. (And a reason to consider a Basic Income Guarantee as a logical next step in our development).

Money rarely just sits there doing nothing, that’s why we came up with new investment tools (derivatives, etc.) in the first place! There isn’t a single billionaire (net worth) in the world who has a billion dollars (money). To keep money in a regular account is to lose some of one’s (relative) wealth. That’s for people like you and me.

When too much money flows into one area, the technical term is ‘bubble’. In our metaphor, it’s more like building a dam. And when the bubble bursts, that’s the dam breaking, which wreaks havoc.

More often than not, destructive bubbles are linked to how money is created. Fix that, and money will start to flow more healthily.


* Even if they are bad things, such as our monster PR industry, but that’s another story, see Corporations, advertising, INFORMATION

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  1. Pee Ess permalink

    Another way to keep money moving: hoarding-proof cash, made famous by the town Wörgl and Silvio Gesell => depreciative currency (‘Umlaufgesichertes Geld’).

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