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Value-added tax

by on March 4, 2013

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax on the poor. As in the fairy tale rumpelstiltskin, it would probably go away if people knew what it was.

Our reading list includes Propaganda for a reason. What good is knowledge when sentiment is in a stranglehold?

For example, when you’re taxing the rich, you call it “wealth tax”.

And when we hear the words “poverty tax”, we instinctively assume it’s a tax to help the poor (paid for by the wealthy).

So how does one call a tax where the poor contribute a larger share, relative to their wealth? Answer: you come up with a name that sounds good. And when training the next generation of economists, you teach them to use the code-word: regressive tax.

Banks need Boundaries! is dedicated to alternative forms of money creation. “Sensible forms of investment should lead to a flow of money towards the real economy” (from our petition.) One way to have money in the hands of the real economy is to stop taking money away from it.

class warfare

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